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Talk Together London CIC designs, organizes and delivers activities and services that benefit people experiencing social and economic disadvantage. The business is a 'CIC' company registered by guarantee with charitable objectives.  As a social enterprise business, Talk Together London creates resources to fund the services that achieve its charitable objectives.


What are CICs?

CICs are social enterprise businesses run for a social, charitable objective, meaning that any surplus created or profit made is reinvested in the company's activities, in order to benefit the community, in accordance with the objectives approved by the CIC Regulator.*  Talk Together London  is a registered "Community Interest Company", as denoted by the three letters “C I C” at the end of its name.


Share and share alike?

Talk Together London generates sustainable funds by means of trading through the online shop and delivering activities, such as workshops and one-to-one or group tuition, in order to help support their services in the community.  Just by visiting and you are helping to deliver services and to achieve charitable objectives.

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  • Download the free and paid resources offered via the online shop and share them with friends, family and your community.


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*  What is a social enterprise? A social enterprise is a business driven by a social or environmental purpose...and the profits they make are reinvested towards achieving that purpose.

What is a social entrepreneur?  A social entrepreneur is an individual who works in an entrepreneurial manner for public or social benefit, rather than just to make money.