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Amira's 7-Sentence Story:  The Seven Children Lost in the Forest


children-lined-up_220 Once upon a time

there were seven children in the forest and they were exploring the creatures that lived there. They were all best friends. They were scared. They got scared because the sun started to go down and it was nearly night time.

rear-view-mirror-on-highway_220 And every day

their parents came to pick them up and the children really wanted to go home and their parents were always late.

kids-backpacks_220 Until one day

their parents were so late the children had to stay in the forest by themselves.  They walked in the forest and they saw lots of bags and clothes on the ground.  They were so happy because they thought they found people.  They walked around and found the door.

blue-eyed-boy_220 And because of that

they knocked on the door and there was a rich woman who was really old; she told them "what would you like to have?"  And, they said, "We would like to stay here for one night, please?"  And, they said "thank you, thank you, so much!" because the woman said "yes".  The woman had two sons and five daughters.

relaxing-lake-side-chairs_220And because of that

they all were so happy. They had a really good time and they went fishing with her and did all kinds of wonderful stuff.  But, they were really sad because they stayed for more than one day and they missed their parents so much.

brother-sister-on-swings_220 Until finally

their parents came and picked them up.  And, they went to the park to play and celebrated that their parents found them.

kids-at-the-farm_220And ever since

they never went to the forest again because it is dangerous.  But they are all still very good friends.


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