How to Publish a Story

How to publish your short story online and get help with spelling, puctuation and grammar


How to publish your story?

Story writers may choose to have a story published on the website anonymously or with a pen name. In order to be published, young writers must also include their name and age. We also request their year group and the name of their school. However, these items are optional and choosing not to include them will not affect their chances of getting published.
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If a young person wishes to submit a story for possible publication on this website, they must gain permission from their parents or carers and indicate this on the relevant form when they send us their story. We require parents' or carers' email addresses, too, even if story writers may have the same address that they have.

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Talk Together London CIC reserves the right to examine submitted content and has the sole discretion to determine whether submitted content will be published on the website.


Submit a 7-sentence story using the FREE online template.



7-sentence story templates with cues and picture prompts


Writing cues and prompts are useful because sometimes it can be hard to think of what to write about! To help you, we put together downloadable 7-sentence story writing templates with pictures and cues. These will stretch the imagination and give you some ideas to write a short story!


We are surrounded by photographs in our daily lives - colourful advertisements, family photos, newspaper pictures and computer images. Because people are often naturally drawn to photos, images can become good writing prompts.


The cues and prompts in these templates encourage the writer to:

  • think to interpret images
  • write creatively
  • use sequencing
  • recognise the elements of fun stories
  • put together a short story of your own
  • use language and grammar elements
  • display your work by publishing it on the My Story pages.


The templates use the 7-sentence story structure. Read a sample story: The seven children lost in the forest (by Amira)


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Downloadable Story Templates with Paragraph Starters


These DOWNLOADABLE STORY WRITING TOOLS are prepared as easy-to-complete pdf forms, with picture prompts.


Writers can choose: type your stories using your computer and save them or print the templates and write by hand.


One template will be a source of inspiration to write many stories.


Story writing tool #11

Story writing tool #12

Story writing tool #13


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