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4 questions to ask about learning

Talk Together London - Questions about learning


1. What do I really want to get from learning?

2. What can I personally do to make sure that I get what I want?

3. Based on past experience what might I do to hinder myself, thereby not getting what I want?

4. What can I do to maximise my chances of getting what I want?








Be the Boss of Your Own Learning - Part Two


"Let's develop the holistic skill of  learning to learn  to deal with whatever life has in store for us."

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Be the Boss of Your Own Learning - Part One


Précis of Part One

If you can define learning to learn, you are the boss of your own learning! Choosing the best strategies to improve our learning is learning to study – not learning to learn. Learning to learn is more than the ability to choose the right strategies for studying or learning. Could learning to learn be the ability to monitor our own learning or the ability to understand how we monitor our own learning?

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