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How logos help kids pick

junk foods?

Blog post last updated 16 March, 2018


Image:  Youtube Video

Social media platforms were busy with questions about the source of the claim that children could identify 1000 corporate logos but fewer than 10 animals or plants.

According to a new study from the University of Maryland School of Public Health published in the Journal of Children and Media in 2018, young children prefer junk food and sugar sweetened beverages over traditional and home cooked meals because of marketing and advertising.


The researchers worked in Brazil, China, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Russia.


"Why would a five year old say that they want a Coca Cola over a lassi?  Kentucky Fried Chicken over a stir-fried chicken and vegetable dish made by mum?" asked researcher Dina Borzekowski, Ed.D.  “Our findings draw attention to the insidious and pervasive nature of marketing and how it impacts children's health."


These children could express opinions about the quality of international and domestic products based on the marketing and advertising messages they had internalised.


Yet another study concluded that 3 - 5 year olds were already judging people by the products they chose.


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