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This is the first creative writing tool in a series that offers seven paragraph cues and pictures as writing prompts to inspire children, young people and adult learners.

A creative writing template is a great way for learners to develop their imagination and writing abilities. 

You can print the template to fill by hand or let them complete the form on the computer and submit online for possible publiciation on the My Story Project web pages. 

£1.58 *

This is the second creative writing tool in a series which offer picture prompts, structured paragraph starters and spaces for the learners to write their stories.  

The template has seven structured paragraph starter cues and pictures as writing prompts to inspire the hesitant writer.

If you’re a parent or a teacher, everything your learners need to begin their journey with creative writing is here.

£1.58 *

This is the third in a series of unique creative writing tools that help children, young people and adults who are often naturally drawn to photos.

This creative writing tool offers seven structured paragraph starters as well as images, which are inspiring writing prompts for all.

The template structures the process of writing a story and simplifies the task for the writer so that they can complete it easily.

£1.58 *
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