Creating Stories (2018)

Children are creating beautiful stories at Playful Story Writing workshops!


The Talk Together London team continue delivering ‘Playful Story Writing’ events and workshops at local libaries and Canalside House.


To make learning fun and to encourage students to tap into their creativity, we build emotionally significant links to the life of each child and engage all the senses and use tools and objects to support and promote thinking. By providing students with Legos or modelling clay, we encourage students to imagine their own worlds – whether they are filled with magic carpets or flying robots.




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Stories written and submitted by children

Last updated 7 April 2018
Category: Short Story



My 7-Sentence Story (by Anon)

Once upon a time there was a purple car. 

And every day Daddy and Mummy drove in it.

Until one day it wasn’t moving anymore.

And because of that Mummy and Daddy were very sad.

And because of that the car felt sad too.

Until finally the car decided to move again.

And ever since Daddy and Mummy can drive to the market to buy chips, avocado and cheese.




My 7-Sentence Story (by Anon)

There was a panda.

And every day, first thing in the morning, he was eating cookies.

Until one day, he got very bored of cookies, and decided to go to the pond to eat some fish. He was tired of eating lots and lots of cookies.

And because of that he went to the pond and ate some fishes. He was so full of fishes, he decided to eat cookies again, and lots of sweet stuff like marshmallows.

And because of that he got sick.

Until finally he decided he needed to eat a healthy breakfast and decided to eat bamboo.

And ever since he was pleased because he liked the bamboo.




My 7-Sentence Story (by Reon)

Once upon a time there were three neighbours.

And every day they had a fight.

Until one day they became friends.

And because of that they were more than a friend.

And because of that they became best friends.

Until finally they had house together.

And ever since they got farm.




My 7-Seven Sentence Story (by Anon)

Once upon a time there was a mummy, daddy and baby in a house.

And every day they have a bath.

Until one day mummy came by.

And because of that she went to the car to pick up her keys.

And because of that she didn’t go to work.

Until finally she ate a sandwich.

And ever since they played.




My 7-Sentence Story (by JS)

Once upon a time there were three little men.

And every day they went to the park.

Until one day it was night time and the little men went to bed. One night a man heard a scary noise in his bedroom. He thought it was vampire.

And because of that he went to brother’s bed. The brother also heard scary, loud noises.

And because of that they went to the second brother’s bed.

Until finally they heard no noise.

And ever since they went back to bed.




My 7-Sentence Story (by Ti-shae)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She lived in a happy house on her own.

And every day she would go out to the shop and buy some items and pick some flowers. She would look over to the mountains and look for her family.

Until one day she went to sleep.

And because of that she woke up, had a drink, looked over the mountain at 3:00 pm every day.

And because of that one day she looked over the mountain.

Until finally she found her family.

And ever since she lived happily ever after with family.