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FREE online creative story writing tool and sample:  Draft and publish a story online with the 7-sentence structure - It is FREE. Send your story online and get help with spelling, punctuation and grammar free of any cost.


Don't delay getting help:  try this FREE story submitting form! This 7-seven sentence story template simplifies the creative writing process for kids and teens as well as mature learners.  It will also help with spelling, grammar and punctuation and prepare for exams and SATs.


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Be sure to look at the SAMPLE STORY for ideas and inspiration.  And, here are more sample STORIES for you to read now!


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Creative writing resources with colourful paragraph starters for teachers, parents, children and teens to structure the writing process.  These are useful for anyone who wants to get rid of the fear of the blank page.  Need to help a budding writer?  Then, view these writing tools and download them to give them a try!


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