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Satisfaction Guarantee and Refund Policy

Last updated 30 December 2017.

We are totally confident in the accurateness and suitability for use of all of our templates, worksheets, lesson plans and teaching and learning resources (“Resources”). Our Resources are prepared for us by teachers and community workers with many years of experience in teaching and learning in the UK. If you purchase a Resource and find for some reason that you are not satisfied that it is fit for the purpose that we have held it out as being suitable for, then we will provide a full refund.

Please note that our refund policy does not apply where you purchase a Resource but subsequently claim that it is not the one you wanted or that it is not appropriate for your needs. We hope that you will appreciate that the Resources that we provide are available for use immediately once purchased and that once received a website user can copy them or do anything that they wish and therefore an “any reason” refund policy would unfortunately be open to abuse.

To claim a refund, simply email us with your purchase details contained in your original purchase confirmation email and we will aim to refund the payment to your bank account or credit card within 5 working days. On our making such refund, your permission to use the Resource in question for any purpose will automatically cease.


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